We are in your element

Do you have:

1. An unknown geological sample
2. Some precious metal ingot that you want certified
3. An unknown piece of metal?

Then try our pXRF analysis. You bring the sample to us. We will analyse it as you wait – appointment required. We will email you an electronic copy of the analysis. Payment is required at the time of analysis via credit card only.

Price starts at $100 inc GST for one sample and then drops to $50 inc GST per sample for 2 or more.

Price for a formal certificate of analysis or interpretation of results starts at an additional $50 per sample.

Note: We can identify over 754 different allows by name. Alloys include Stainless Steel, Tool Steels, Titanium, Tungsten, Zirconium, Magnesium Nickel, Copper/Brass, Cobalt, and Aluminium.