Our Partners

We partner informally and formally with a number of like minded organisations


Engenium is a national engineering company founded in 2003, proudly employing over 250 professionals specialising in the minerals resources sector, with offices in Perth, Karratha, Newcastle and Brisbane. The Brisbane office delivers a full suite of services, from test work programs, all study phases through to project execution, drawing on the necessary expertise and support of the Engenium head office in Perth for Corporate service functions.

Engenium has six principal process engineers who are experienced in all aspects of gold and precious metals, bauxite processing, aluminium smelting, iron ore, lead, zinc, coal, copper concentrators and hydromet copper processing, as well as base metals comminution and floatation. There is no commercial relationship between Engenium and Brisbane Met Labs.


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Nagrom the Mineral Processors

Nagrom Perth is a business comprising Metallurgical testing, Analytical testing, Fabrication and Linex coating. Nagrom Perth brings a set of complimentary skills, capabilities and human and equipment resources to our own lab. Brisbane Met Labs has a commercial relationship with Nagrom Perth to provide all the assay services, fabrication and lining services for our lab unless the client requests otherwise.

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Canopean is a Brisbane based private company that designed and developed the CMN process for the low cost extraction of metals from leach solutions.The key advantages of the CMN Process are its low operating cost, simple process route and high purity products. Applicable metals include Ni and Co. There is no commercial relationship between Canopean and Brisbane Met Labs.

Element 21

Element 21 is a Brisbane based private company that designed and developed the process for the low cost recovery of Sc from leach solutions and purification to a 99.99% Scandium Oxide product. There is no commercial relationship between Brisbane Met Labs and Element 21.